Performance Opportunities

Performing is a vital element of dance training, therefore performance opportunities are available for all students. We produce two dance concerts a year, one in January and one in July. All students are encouraged to participate and will learn routines in their weekly classes. Performances take place in the Ruth Chapman Performing Arts Center at Eastlake High School.

Class Descriptions
Pre-primary - Ages 3 1/2 to 5 1/2. Includes ballet, tap and basic tumbling skills taught in a positive and nurturing environment. Classes are both educational and fun.
Primary - Ages 5 to 7. A continuation of the Pre-primary class. Includes ballet, tap and basic tumbling skills.
Combo - Ages 6 to 8. Students learn classical ballet and tap technique.
Pre Hip Hop - Ages 5 to 8. Includes basic hip hop and jazz technique. Age appropriate music and movements are used in this fun learning environment.
Ballet (Levels I - V) - Ages 8 and up. Our classical ballet classes consist of barre, center work, across the floor and choreography. Proper technique and terminology is stressed. Our advanced classes are 1 1/2 hours long and include pointe work.
Tap (Levels I - V) - Ages 8 and up. Students learn proper tap technique focusing on individual sounds. Music includes show tunes, oldies and popular music heard on the radio. Much time is spent on a capella rhythms in the advanced levels.
Jazz (Levels I - V) - Ages 8 and up. Classes include a warm up, center work, across the floor and choreography. Proper jazz technique is stressed. A wide variety of jazz styles are taught including Broadway, commercial, musical theater and lyrical.
Hip Hop (Levels I - V) - Ages 8 and up. Includes popular age appropriate dance moves often seen in music videos and concerts. Classes incorporate a wide variety of hip hop styles based on age and ability.
Contemporary (Levels III - V) - Open to students currently enrolled in a ballet or jazz class level three or higher. This popular class combines elements of ballet, modern and lyrical dance. Both ballet and jazz experience is highly recommended.

Hourly Classes Per Week
Monthly Payment
    1    $60
    2    $105
    3    $145
    4    $180
    5    $210
    6    $235
    7    $255
Add $20 for each additional hourly class after seven.